Plot Printing

The large majority of the shirts available in this shop use Plot printing, for superior quality and life time. A lot of shirts you see everyday use digital printing, this type of shirt fades rather fast from washing your clothing, ald the printing cracks.


  • Print is very soft -  great quality!
  • Designs don't fade
  • Printing also available on dark apparel
Designs for plot printing are submitted as vector graphics made up of curves. The plot machine works by cutting along the lines of the curve into either smooth flex material or velvety flock material.

Each sheet of material is a single color. That means, for designs with multiple colors, different layers of color are cut out and pressed onto the fabric.

The cutting of the design is done by a computer, the separation of the color from the background is done by hand (as you can see in Steps 2 and 3).

The process of removing the excess material is time-consuming and difficult. This is why we charge additional fees for complex designs and designs may not be approved.

Finally, the design is heat-pressed onto the t-shirt. This is also done carefully and by hand.

Then the transfer sheet is peeled off, and voila: your custom designed t-shirt is finished!

Look and Feel

There are two kinds of plot printing: flock print is soft and velvety, flex print is slick, smooth and shiny. If you pick plot printing (either flex or flock) the design will be cut out precisely. For example, if you design a vector of the word "dog" each letter will be cut out perfectly around the individual letters. Therefore, the space in between and surrounding the letters will be the fabric of the apparel.


Both plot printing styles are absolutely high quality, they don't fade and your design will last longer than your shirt.

Wash Instructions

Wash flock and flex prints at a medium temperature inside out. You can either hang-dry or machine dry your apparel. Iron the garment inside out.

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