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CKA is an acroymn for "Canada Kicks Ass".
Canada Kicks Ass is a website here: www.canadaka.net.

CKA is a site to promote Canadian patriotism and nationalism. A Canadian portal offering news, content and forums. This site shows the world why Canada and Canadians kick ass.

This shopping site "CKA Canadian Clothing" is part of Canadaka.net. The shopping site was started sometime in 2003 to fuel the growing demand from members and visitors of CKA for Canada Kicks Ass T-Shirts. I designed a logo for the t-shirt found a local Canadian printer and off I went. That same original design is available today. Since then the shop has expanded and now is the paramount location for patriotic Canadian clothing online.

Unfortunately printing and stocking shirts on my own is very expensive, it requires a lot of money upfront and the stock sits for a long time. The problem is with printing to make it profitable you have to order in bulk quantity. So it costs a lot of money, this also means when a particular size or colour runs out, its not simple to just get a couple more printed. For these reasons and because I wanted to offer more designs and clothing options I have chosen to use a 3rd party printer/supplier for all the other Canadian clothing designs.

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